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Networking and growth are essential in today’s professional landscape. At ASCENSUS, we’re dedicated to fostering connections with industry leaders and providing opportunities to connect with like-minded professionals. We offer cost-competitive, multimodal learning courses, including our PGDM programme.

Embracing PGDM: A Journey Begins
Postgraduate Diploma in Management

The programme’s comprehensive coursework and practical assignments not only sharpened my business acumen but also broadened my perspective on strategic management and financial analysis.

Interacting with professionals from diverse industries enriched my learning and provided invaluable networking opportunities. The support from ASCENSUS faculty was instrumental in balancing my studies with professional commitments, paving the way for my future goal of achieving an MBA.

Jez Ong
Postgraduate Diploma in Management

I chose to study in ASCENSUS INSTITUTE’s Postgraduate Diploma programme because of its exceptional reputation for academic excellence and its commitment to fostering practical skills that are directly applicable to the real world.

Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Throughout the programme, I deepened my understanding of market trends, human resources, business planning, and the crucial role that financial management plays in the success of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Cristina May Pillai
Postgraduate Diploma in Management

The institute’s focus on practical, real-world applications and its experienced faculty provided me with valuable insights and skills directly applicable to my career in the cleaning industry.
Thank you, Ascensus Institute, for equipping me with the knowledge and leadership capabilities essential for my professional growth and success.

Arthur Lim
Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Obtaining a postgraduate diploma is like adding an extra boost to my career journey while juggling the chaos of being a mom to three children.

It’s about gaining specialised skills that enable me to excel in my field while also teaching my kids the power of determination and lifelong learning.

Freda A’In Isabelle-Shah
Postgraduate Diploma in Management

Pursuing a PGDM can provide substantial advantages to my career by enriching my knowledge, skills, and professional status. It can equip me with the necessary tools to effectively manage compliance, strategically contribute to the organisation , and foster personal and professional growth.

Wong Yew Foo, Alan
Postgraduate Diploma in Management

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Clock icon 10:00AM – 5:00PM
Singapore Education Fair (SEF)

The Singapore Education Fair (SEF) is the premier education event in Bangkok. Featuring over 30 esteemed institutions, SEF offers a comprehensive platform for students to engage directly with representatives of Singapore universities and colleges.

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Navigating the future of Aviation

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Success Strategies for Professionals in Disruptive Times

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Annual Partners Conference | Ho Chi Minh City

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Annual Partners Conference | Hanoi

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Calendar icon 28 Jun 2024
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Postgraduate Studies Fair 2024

Discover the full potential of your career with a Postgraduate Diploma and an MBA at ASCENSUS Postgraduate Studies Fair 2024 in Singapore.

Calendar icon 27 Jun 2024
Clock icon 4:00PM
ASCENSUS INSTITUTE Commencement Ceremony

Join us as we celebrate this significant milestone in the academic journey of our graduates.